Traditional Aegean Breakfast

The traditional Aegean Breakfast contains various and tasty foods. It is also a very nutricious and interesting breakfast. You can be assured that you will not be hungry until the evening after a morning with a traditional Aegean breakfast. Read more to find out the details of the traditional Aegean breakfast.

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Traditional Aegean Breakfast

Traditional Aegean Breakfast contains of natural vegetables and serves you a unique flavor.


In addition to the various dishes, it is also a very nutritious and hearty breakfast. You can be sure that if you eat the Traditional Aegean Breakfast, you will not be hungry all day. Traditional Aegean Breakfast contains natural foods such as delicious eggs from free-range chickens and cheese made from fresh milk. It also contains various herbs such as roka, tere, parsley, rosemary, dereotu, and mint. Also, you should never travel to your country without trying olive oil, the traditional flavor of the Aegean region. These are highly healthy herbs. It is common knowledge that the Aegean region is famous for its herbs, olives, and olive oil. Aegean breakfast is also served with bazlama, a kind of homemade bread. Bazlama is a thin, round bread baked by grandmothers at home. Another traditional dish is gozleme. Gozleme is prepared with curd cheese and herbs. The indispensable drink at the traditional breakfast is, of course, black tea. Black tea is generally served with a teapot and is free of charge.

 The traditional Aegean breakfast is also the traditional Turkish breakfast. It was also introduced to foreigners as 'Turkish breakfast.' The traditional Aegean or Turkish breakfast is delicious and unique, no matter what it is called. So you should try this unforgettable taste before you return to your country.